Normalizes typography and spacing harmoniously.

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Getting Started

Download from a CDN


Or use in your node project using the following

npm install typolize

And import into your stysheets

@import 'typolize'

How to Use

Customise the following variables to change modular scale of the type and spacing.

:root {
  --font-base: 16px;
  --line-ratio: 1.5;
  --font-ratio: 1.333;
  --spacing-ratio: 1;

Configure the default typesetting by setting the font sizes

:root {
--font-size-body: var(--font-size-0);
--font-size-h1: var(--font-size-7);
--font-size-h2: var(--font-size-5);
--font-size-h3: var(--font-size-3);
--font-size-h4: var(--font-size-2);
--font-size-h5: var(--font-size-1);
--font-size-h6: var(--font-size-0);
--font-size-p: var(--font-size-body);
--font-size-ul: var(--font-size-body);
--font-size-ol: var(--font-size-ul);
--font-size-blockquote: var(--font-size-body);

Manage spacing use em or rem variables var(-em-<n>) and var(--rem-<n>) where n is anything between -2 and 10.

For example:

code {
	margin-top: var(--em-1);
	margin-bottom: var(--em-2);

(T) Toggle Type Background


Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

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